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Sysnesia is a leading system integrator and technology services focused on building innovative smart solutions that address clients most complex digital transformation needs. We leverage our holistic portfolio of capabilities from consulting, design and plan, installation, until operation and manage services. We integrate emerging technologies to help clients realize their boldest contribution and initiating the development of future-ready smart solutions for creating a smart sustainable nation, together.

Business Pillars

SYSNESIA develops innovative technologies that enable companies to integrate intelligently, drive business growth, and foster sustainable business together.

















Main Services

With a focus on smart innovation and sustainability, SYSNESIA aims to solve and contribute for realizing a better society and environment of Indonesia.


IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure like server, storage, network, security, WiFi, thin client, FO cable, SFP transceiver, computer, laptop, printer, scanner, vicon, CCTV/IP/AI Camera, drone, UPS, IoT gateway & sensors.

Data Center

We will design and build your Data Center with the best security, robustness, network performance, price, scalability improvements that can feed your needs and compliance standard.

Geospatial AI

We harnesses AI algorithms to analyze and derive insights from spatial data. It facilitates precise mapping, spatial analytics, predictive modeling for a wide range of applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring.

Cyber Security

Combat cyber security threats, fraud prevention, cyber command center using machine learning and artificial intelligence security.

Cloud Computing

Customers use applications and data easily anytime, anywhere. From cloud design, implementation, migration, backup and cloud manage services.

Business Application

Web dev, mobile apps, sales, inventory, invoicing, finance, accounting, procurement, CRM, HR Module. Monitor your business anywhere.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide IoT Solution. Internet-connected computing devices, sensors and all mechanical machines with unique digital identifiers to collect the data.

Data Integration

We consolidate data. It empowers clients to leverage integrated data for informed decision-making while maintaining security and compliance standard.

Data Analytics

With Data Analytics, you can shaping the business process, improve decision making, and drive your business growth. Includes a variety of technologies & processes.

Transform the way you work

The Journey

Empowering You with Artificial Intelligence Computing.

As System Integrator company. We provide solutions to accelerated your Digital & AI Transformation journey.

10 ZiG All in One Endpoint Solution

Perfect for Secured Computing in Hybrid Workspace

10ZiG Technology is a World-Market Leader in VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) endpoint device software and hardware. The 10ZiG Manager™endpoint management software remotely controls any endpoint running on a 10ZiG OS via one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. This solution is designed so that IT administrators can easily configure, deploy and manage large volumes of VDI endpoints located in multiple cities across the world – regardless of where that admin is located. 10ZiG is equipped with features including Cloud enablement, power management, task-scheduling, automatic configuration, distributed firmware versioning, role-based access, reporting, shadowing, and more. The 10ZiG Manager is free and includes an unlimited number of users or licenses.



One intelligent system to integrate them all

As a leading provider of comprehensive system integration solutions. We provide the diverse applications of artificial intelligence across different industries, offering innovative ways to address future challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and development.

iCity integrates AI into urban infrastructure to create smarter, more sustainable cities. This involves energy management systems for efficient resource utilization, smart waste management solutions, real-time monitoring of air and water quality, and citizen engagement platforms for community participation in decision-making processes.

iConnect is an advanced AI-driven solution designed to streamline connectivity and integration processes across diverse systems, devices, and networks. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, iConnect offers a unified platform for seamless communication, data exchange, and collaboration, empowering organizations to optimize their operations and enhance productivity.

iFactory utilizes AI to transform manufacturing processes, driving efficiency, quality, and innovation. This includes predictive maintenance to minimize downtime, automation of repetitive tasks through robotics, real-time monitoring of production lines for quality control, and optimization of supply chain logistics for just-in-time delivery.

iHealthcare integrates advanced AI technologies into healthcare systems to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve outcomes. This includes AI-driven medical imaging for accurate diagnoses, predictive analytics for identifying at-risk patients, personalized treatment plans, and automated administrative tasks for healthcare providers.

iLogistics harnesses AI to optimize the movement and management of goods throughout the supply chain. This involves AI-driven route optimization for transportation fleets, real-time tracking of shipments, demand forecasting for inventory management, and automation of warehouse operations for increased efficiency.

iTransport employs AI to revolutionize transportation systems, making them safer, more efficient, and sustainable. This encompasses autonomous vehicle technology, traffic management solutions for congestion reduction, predictive maintenance for public transit fleets, and smart infrastructure for optimized urban mobility.

Pioneering Spirit

Architecting Golden Indonesia 2045

Sysnesia is an Indonesian information communication technology and artificial intelligence System Integrator company dedicated to assisting companies and institutions in resolving fundamental challenges, driving business growth, and contributing notable impact to Indonesia’s smart sustainable future. Our mission is to integrate and cultivate the Indonesian artificial intelligence ecosystem, fostering positive economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impact for our clients, society, professionals, partners, and the country.

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