Architecting AI Transformation




As a system integrator company. We provide solutions to accelerate company digital & AI transformation.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure such as computers, laptops, printers, scanners, servers, storages, video conferencing, networks, security, CCTV, UPS, IoT & sensors

Business Software

Manage data, application, inventory, invoices, finance, procurement, CRM, human resource and distribution. Monitor your business anytime, anywhere.

Internet of Things(IOT)

Internet-connected computing devices, sensors product and all mechanical machines with unique digital identifiers to gather data.

Cloud Computing

Customers use applications and data easily anytime, anywhere. From design, implementation, and manage services.

Data Center

We will design your data center with security enhancements, resiliency, network performance, better scalability.

Data Analytics

Define relevant data, patterns and insights for the best quality business decisions.

Cyber Security & Fraud

Combat cybersecurity threats & fraud prevention using machine learning and artificial intelligence security technology.

Machine Learning

Design of Machine Learning algorithms to manage empirical data from sensors and databases.

Smart Sustainable City

Smart Sustainable Cities use data, governance, integrated technologies for a sustainable quality of life.

Pioneering Spirit

Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society.

Sysnesia is an Indonesia IT system integrator and artificial intelligence company that helps corporations and institutions to solve fundamental and key problems, increase business growth, and make Indonesia a better country. Our mission is to integrate and build Indonesia’s artificial intelligence ecosystem to increase the positive economic-socio-cultural impact for society, customer, professional, partner, environment and the country.

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