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Software Development

One software for all business needs

Custom Development Module include Unlimitted Support, Hosting, Cloud/VPS, Backup and Maintenance with no hidden costs.



As System Integrator company. We provide solutions to accelerated your Digital & AI Transformation journey.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure like server, storage, network, security, WiFi, FO cable, SFP transceiver, computer, laptop, printer, scanner, vicon, CCTV/IP/AI Camera, drone, UPS, IoT gateway & sensors.

Business Application

Website design, web development, mobile application, data, sales, inventory, invoicing, finance, accounting, procurement, POS, CRM, HR Module. Monitor your business anytime, anywhere.

Internet of Things(IOT)

We provide Internet of Things(IoT) Solution. Internet-connected computing devices, sensors and all mechanical machines with unique digital identifiers to collect the data.

Cloud Computing

Customers use applications and data easily anytime, anywhere. From cloud design, implementation, migration, backup and cloud manage services.

Data Center

We will design and build your Data Center with the best security, robustness, network performance, scalability improvements that can feed your needs.

Data Analytics

Shaping business process, improve decision making, and drive your business growth. Includes a variety of technologies & processes.

Cyber Security

Combat cyber security threats, fraud prevention, cyber command center using machine learning and artificial intelligence security.

GIS Maps

Put your data in context with interactive Geographic Information System(GIS) maps and unlock insights to answer spatial questions.

Machine Learning

Design Machine Learning algorithms to manage empirical data from sensors and databases to make the best business decisions.

Pioneering Spirit

Architecting Golden Indonesia 2045

Sysnesia is an Indonesian information communication technology and artificial intelligence System Integrator company that helps companies and institutions to solve fundamental and key problems, increase business growth, and make Indonesia a better country. Our mission is to integrate and build the Indonesian artificial intelligence ecosystem to increase positive economic-socio-cultural impact for customers, society, professionals, partners, environment and country.

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Server/Storage | Network & Wifi | Cyber Security | FO & SFP Transceiver | CCTV | IoT/Sensors

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