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Company Overview

“You want to wake up in the morning and live a good life with pleasant and easier, that’s the world with artificial intelligence safely integrated into our daily lives and solving the problems of humans and nations. It’s about believing in the future and realize that the future will be better than the past “

Starting from an idea, to integrate the entire archipelago. Sysnesia was founded with the spirit of the Nuswantara Satwika philosophy. Nuswantara means Nusantara (archipelago), Satwika means to unite. So, Nuswantara Satwika means to unite Nusantara.

Sysnesia comes from the word Sys means System, Nesia is acronym of Indonesia. Sysnesia means a technology company with mission to unite the archipelago. We are determined to solve technological problems ranging from digital infrastructure and services, accessibility, integration of technology and human resources.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be the ultimate future technology in the world. We work with Indonesian and global experts and partners to create advance AI solutions. We build secure AI systems to solve Indonesia’s major problems, conduct training and advance AI research for Indonesia and all of humanity. Sysnesia is here to integrate and build Indonesia’s artificial intelligence ecosystem. 

Headquartered in Jakarta, we build a technology company that will create new opportunities, solve fundamental problems, help Indonesians, increase economic growth, and make Indonesia a better place.


To be a leading global technology company that empowers businesses, communities and country through innovative solutions, sustainable practices, digital & AI transformation.


  1. Business Impact : Establish and develop several companies that offer solutions to the fundamental problems of the nation, serving as the foundation for the advancement of Indonesia’s economy, and providing help and assistance to millions of Indonesian citizens.
  2. Empower Businesses: Provide cutting-edge technology solutions and services that enable businesses to thrive in the digital age, enhance productivity, and achieve their goals.
  3. Transform Communities: Drive positive social impact by leveraging technology to create sustainable cities, empowered disability communities, improve healthcare, promote renewable energy, and enhance water management.
  4. Foster Innovation: Continuously innovate and invest in research and development to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that anticipate market needs and drive industry advancements.
  5. Ensure Cybersecurity: Safeguard businesses and nation by providing robust cybersecurity services that protect data, privacy, and digital assets.
  6. Enable Digital Transformation: Connect communities and businesses through reliable internet services, ensuring seamless communication, collaboration,  access to information and enable digital transformation across the country.
  7. Integrated Nation: Artificial intelligence system is integrated into our daily lives, solves most of the nation’s main problems and creates a better life.


” Your Painful Problems. We solve “


  1. One Vision, Thriving Business Together.
  2. Extraordinary Through Synergy and Strategic Collaboration.