SYSNESIA CONNEX is an Integrated Data Center & Colocation Services offered by SYSNESIA. As a System Integrator company, we provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to meet the data center and colocation needs of your organization. Our data center is located in Indonesia’s best Tier 3 & 4 data center facilities located in Jakarta and Bekasi  Area. Here are some SYSNESIA CONNEX TEAM features.

Data Center Infrastructure

SYSNESIA CONNEX offers state-of-the-art data center facilities equipped with robust infrastructure components. This includes power supply, cooling systems, fire suppression, physical security measures, and redundant network connectivity. These features ensure high availability and reliability for your critical IT infrastructure.

Network Connectivity

We offers a wide range of network connectivity options, enabling you to connect your infrastructure to various network service providers, cloud platforms, and internet exchanges. This allows for flexible and reliable connectivity, facilitating seamless data transfer, application access, and interconnectivity with your partners, customers, etc.

Scalability and Flexibility

SYSNESIA CONNEX allows you to scale your infrastructure and colocation services based on your evolving business needs. Whether you need additional rack space, increased bandwidth, or enhanced security measures, the platform offers flexible options to accommodate your growth and requirements.

Monitoring and Reporting

SYSNESIA CONNEX provides robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor the performance, health, and utilization of your infrastructure. You can access real-time and historical data, receive alerts for potential issues, and generate reports to gain insights into your IT environment's operational efficiency.

Colocation Services

SYSNESIA CONNEX provides colocation services, allowing you to securely house your IT equipment in their data centers. This eliminates the need for building and maintaining your own data center, reducing costs and operational complexities. SYSNESIA CONNEX ensures a secure and controlled environment for your infrastructure, with options for rack space, cabinets, and cages tailored to your specific requirements.

Security and Compliance

SYSNESIA CONNEX prioritizes the security of your infrastructure and data. The data centers are equipped with physical security measures, such as surveillance systems, access controls, and on-site security personnel. The platform also adheres to industry best practices and compliance standards, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

SYSNESIA CONNEX incorporates redundancy measures at various levels, including power, cooling, and network connectivity. This ensures high availability and minimizes the risk of downtime. Additionally, the platform offers disaster recovery solutions, allowing you to replicate and back up your critical data and applications to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Remote Hands and Managed Services

We provides remote hands services, enabling you to remotely request assistance for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and equipment handling within the data centers. Additionally, the platform offers managed services options, allowing you to offload certain IT operations and tasks to SYSNESIA's expert team, freeing up your internal resources for strategic initiatives.

SYSNESIA CONNEX an Integrated Data Center and Colocation Services that can effectively address your organization’s data center needs. It provides a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure environment, allowing you to focus on your core business while SYSNESIA ConneX Team takes care of the data center operations and management.

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