Business Pillars

SYSNESIA develops innovative technologies that enable companies to integrate intelligently, drive business growth, and foster sustainable business together.

















Main Services

With a focus on smart innovation and sustainability, SYSNESIA aims to solve and contribute for realizing a smart and sustainable of Indonesia.


IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure like server, storage, network, security, WiFi, thin client, FO cable, SFP transceiver, computer, laptop, printer, scanner, vicon, CCTV/IP/AI Camera, drone, UPS, IoT gateway & sensors.

Data Center

We will design and build your Data Center with the best security, robustness, network performance, price, scalability improvements that can feed your needs and compliance standard.

Geospatial AI

We harnesses AI algorithms to analyze and derive insights from spatial data. It facilitates precise mapping, spatial analytics, predictive modeling for a wide range of applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring.

Cyber Security

Combat cyber security threats, fraud prevention, cyber command center using machine learning and artificial intelligence security.

Cloud Computing

Customers use applications and data easily anytime, anywhere. From cloud design, implementation, migration, backup and cloud manage services.

Business Application

Web dev, mobile apps, sales, inventory, invoicing, finance, accounting, procurement, CRM, HR Module. Monitor your business anywhere.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide IoT Solution. Internet-connected computing devices, sensors and all mechanical machines with unique digital identifiers to collect the data.

Data Integration

We consolidate data. It empowers clients to leverage integrated data for informed decision-making while maintaining security and compliance standard.

Data Analytics

With Data Analytics, you can shaping the business process, improve decision making, and drive your business growth. Includes a variety of technologies & processes.

Transform the way you work

The Journey

Empowering You with Artificial Intelligence Computing.

As System Integrator company, we have strategic partner with manufacture and global distributor. We provide solutions to accelerated your Digital & AI Transformation journey.

NVIDIA Compatible 800G & 400G OSFP for AI & Cloud

NVIDIA AI machines compatible transceivers for main Data Center and AI projects.

1.Compatible transceivers 100% match NVIDIA devices.

Even out of stock and chip shortage in the whole market, we’re in a good position in 800G and 400G NVIDIA products and delivery time.

2.We offer tech support and consultancy for NVIDIA connection. 

Our principle has experience in NVIDIA/Mellanox device connectivity, and has strong connections to NVIDIA and many other AI, DC & Telecom companies.

3.We support OEM requests etc.

10 ZiG All in One Endpoint Solution

Perfect for Secured Computing in Hybrid Workspace

10ZiG Technology is a World-Market Leader in VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) endpoint device software and hardware. The 10ZiG Manager™endpoint management software remotely controls any endpoint running on a 10ZiG OS via one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. This solution is designed so that IT administrators can easily configure, deploy and manage large volumes of VDI endpoints located in multiple cities across the world – regardless of where that admin is located. 10ZiG is equipped with features including Cloud enablement, power management, task-scheduling, automatic configuration, distributed firmware versioning, role-based access, reporting, shadowing, and more. The 10ZiG Manager is free and includes an unlimited number of users or licenses.