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FARM (Food Automation and Rural Monitoring)

SYSNESIA FARM is a comprehensive solution designed to address the specific needs of the Indonesian agriculture sector, combining the power of system integration, automation, and rural monitoring. It focuses on enhancing food production, optimizing farming practices, adapting to climate change and ensuring sustainable rural development.

System Integration

SYSNESIA FARM integrates various agricultural processes and data into a centralized system, enabling seamless coordination and communication across different stages of the farming cycle. It connects diverse components such as crop management, livestock monitoring, weather data, soil analysis, and market information, providing farmers with a holistic view of their operations.


The solution incorporates automation technologies to streamline and optimize farming processes. It includes automated irrigation systems, precision planting and harvesting machinery, and robotic systems for tasks like pest control and crop monitoring. By automating labor-intensive tasks, SYSNESIA FARM reduces manual labor requirements, improves efficiency, and enhances overall productivity.

Rural Monitoring

The solution employs advanced monitoring systems and sensors to gather real-time data on crucial farming parameters. It monitors factors such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity, nutrient levels, and crop health. Through remote monitoring and data analytics, farmers gain valuable insights into the condition of their crops and can make informed decisions regarding irrigation, fertilization, disease prevention, and resource allocation.

Decision Support

SYSNESIA FARM provides decision support tools based on data analytics and artificial intelligence. By analyzing the collected data, the system offers valuable recommendations and predictions for optimized farming practices. Farmers can make data-driven decisions, improve resource utilization, mitigate risks, and maximize yields.

Market Connectivity

The solution facilitates market connectivity by providing farmers with access to market information, demand forecasts, and price trends. It enables farmers to make informed decisions about crop selection, timing of harvest, and market timing. By connecting farmers with buyers and streamlining the supply chain, SYSNESIA FARM helps farmers optimize their revenue and improve market competitiveness.

Climate-Responsive Farming

SYSNESIA FARM provides recommendations for farming practices that are responsive to climate change. Through data analysis and artificial intelligence, this solution helps farmers adopt agricultural methods suitable for changing climate conditions. For example, the system can provide advice on optimal irrigation settings based on rainfall predictions or recommend crop varieties that are resilient to higher temperatures.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

SYSNESIA FARM helps farmers assess and mitigate risks related to climate change. Through data analysis and predictive modeling, this solution can identify risks such as floods, droughts, or increased pest attacks and provide recommendations to reduce their impact. Farmers can take preventive measures or adjust their farming plans based on the identified risks.

Resilient Crop Management

SYSNESIA FARM assists farmers in managing crops that are resilient to climate change. This solution can provide in-depth monitoring and analysis related to crop water requirements, disease and pest management affected by climate change, and the selection of crop varieties that are more tolerant to changing climate conditions.

Climate Data Integration

SYSNESIA FARM integrates relevant climate data, such as weather patterns, rainfall, temperature, and air humidity, into a centralized system. The integration of climate data helps farmers understand and predict weather and climate changes that can affect their farming practices.

By providing climate-responsive solutions, SYSNESIA FARM helps farmers tackle the challenges arising from increasingly unpredictable weather and climate changes. This solution allows farmers to optimize their agriculture practices by considering climate factors, enhance agricultural resilience, and reduce losses caused by extreme climate changes.

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