SYSNESIA AIRA is an innovative Artificial Intelligence Camera solution developed by SYSNESIA, a System Integrator based in Indonesia. This cutting-edge camera system integrates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms with high-resolution imaging capabilities to provide comprehensive surveillance and analytics functionalities.

Smart Object Recognition

SYSNESIA AIRA utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize and classify objects in real-time. Whether it's identifying vehicles, people, animals, or other objects, the camera can accurately detect and classify them, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities.

Intelligent Tracking and Monitoring

We incorporates intelligent tracking to monitor and track moving objects automatically. This feature enables the camera to follow and capture the movement of individuals or vehicles across its surveillance area, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Users can customize alerts and notifications based on specific criteria or events detected by SYSNESIA AIRA. Whether it's sending alerts for intrusions, loitering, or object removal, the camera provides flexible notification options to keep users informed in real-time.

Anomaly Detection

With its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Camera capabilities, SYSNESIA AIRA can detect unusual or suspicious activities within its field of view. This feature enables proactive security measures by alerting users to potential threats or abnormalities, such as unauthorized access or erratic behavior in the coverage area.

Cloud Integration and Remote Access

SYSNESIA AIRA seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms, allowing users to store footage securely and access camera feeds remotely from any internet-connected device. This feature enables convenient remote monitoring and management, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for users.

Analytics and Insights

SYSNESIA AIRA offers advanced analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights and trends based on captured data. From traffic patterns and crowd behavior to occupancy levels and demographic analysis, the camera's analytics tools empower users to make informed decisions and optimize operations effectively.

These features collectively make SYSNESIA AIRA a powerful and versatile solution for various applications, including security surveillance, traffic monitoring, retail analytics, and more.

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